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(Learn practical, hands-on data analysis skills – this Open Day is an introduction to data analysis for business, designed specifically for data analysts, subject matter experts, project managers, students, and job-seekers who need versatile, real-world data analysis capabilities)

Develop Critical Data Analysis Skills:
Today’s organisations face both a promise and a dilemma. The growth in availability and quantity of data, as well as the tools to leverage it, is well understood. Every day buzzwords like “big data”, “Insights” and “analytics” permeate the pages of our business journals. However, much less available are the actual skills to truly understand and realise the benefits of this explosive growth. The potential is very real, but comprehensive skills can be scarce, and outside consultants are expensive.
Fortunately, you don’t need a PhD in data science to achieve the rewards of good data analysis and management. If you have basic familiarity with tools like Excel, this Open Day and subsequent 4- weekend training will teach you the comprehensive skills and tools to maximise and leverage your data assets.
You will leave this training with a far better understanding of the principles of data analysis, when to utilise them, and focused business examples of the principles applied in professional projects environments.

During this training you will learn to:
• Identify which analytic methods are most useful for data analysts in a project 
environment using either SQL, SAS or and Excel.
• Maximise the effectiveness of use of the data in an organisation.
• Define the content of a good data brief.
• Identify and interpret the key elements of your statistical outputs
• Use the findings appropriately and effectively to inform future strategies.

Who should attend?
This training is designed for analysts (Business and Data), subject matter experts, projects managers, senior management staff, job seekers, students and anyone interested in getting a better understanding of analytical techniques. 
It is also for anyone with little or no formal statistical knowledge but need to work with statistical or data-related concepts as part of your role.

This training is free on the open day. Please click on the button below to register.


The training is very robust and in-depth and equipped me with the required skills sets for me to make my next career move even without having prior knowledge of Data Analysis. Within 3 months of completing my Data Analysis training, I successfully secured a contract MI analyst role with RBS
— Tola