CrowdHub 360 is our ideas sharing, skill finding and project funding platform for ethnic minorities in Scotland. We are creating a central pool and platform where innovative and creative individuals can meet, collaborate, share ideas, find and be found by interested investors and share success stories of their entrepreneurship process. Please click on any of the options below to get involved.


For most start ups a common characteristics is a lack of funds and so every way to save on money is explored. We have created the CrowdHub 360 skill share platform where you can find quality and diverse skilled individuals with whom you can trade your skills with. All you need to do is create a profile here, upload your profile and find other skilled individuals on the platform who have the skills you require and are wiling to trade. All deals are done on a 'time basis' with no cash transactions.

Baseline 360 Angels.

With so much creative and innovative ideas laying dormant in the African community in Scotland, we have created a platform to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with interested business angels whom will provide both funding and mentoring for their ideas. All you need to do is email us at with a full description of your idea. Feel free to attached anything that may help in explaining your idea such as images, videos, your website etc. We will then evaluate the innovative nature of your idea, its viability and feasibility, and then put it up on our projects page for investors to view and contact us. You will then be contacted to meet and pitch your idea to an interested investor when ready. Click on the button below to view some ongoing projects.